About Us


About Us

Boochman Kombucha was found by four close friends in early 2018 in Berkeley, CA. Our journey started with a dream of making the finest kombucha ever made. We apply culinary practices with traditional brewing techniques to create the most authentic kombucha for everyone to enjoy. Our secret lies in our brewing style. We use 5 gallon glass jars through our entire fermentation and brewing process. We do this to give individual attention to every single batch  and in order to maintain the perfection. With that practice we end up having Kombucha which is  full of life and has endless energy. We proudly serve a very high quality and the most authentic kombucha every made.


The Logo

"Good things come to those who wait." Time is a valuable thing to us that is why we believe that we do not need to be in a rush.  We like to enjoy and be thankful for every single moment that we live. We at Boochman heavily lean on time. Our brewing processes to make our wonderful Kombucha takes a lot of time and patience in order to reach perfection. That is why we have The Campanile on our logo.